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Your meds are imported. If just in time supply chains break down, emergency meds save the day.


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D-Pack or Disaster Preparedness Antibiotic Kit

Antibiotics on hand for common infections: pneumonia, sinusitis, strep throat, etc, and even bioweapons like anthrax and plague.

Backup Meds

Don’t miss a dose. Keep one month’s supply of your regular meds. Whether it’s hypertension, diabetes, heart disease – you name it, we’ll help you get secure.

COVID Protocols

Protocols for COVID and long COVID treatment.


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I have pointed many people to your site and have offered suggestions for over the counter meds/protocols to help others during this past year. I am sure your office has been a huge blessing to many people. May God Bless you all for working so hard to truly provide ‘health care’ to people when so many are doing the exact opposite. Blessings!!! We are all well. Praise God. Pretty sure we had the omicron variant after Christmas. We all took our rounds of meds and got well quickly. Thank you and may GOD BLESS YOU for helping in so many ways while others Drs do not.

Belinda R

I cannot overstate my sincerest appreciation for what yourself, Dr. Haider & all of the other Dr’s & team members at your organization are providing, not only to myself, but as a service to all of humanity during these most crazy, upside-down times we are all experiencing. I’m sure you’ve heard many stories like this, but when I went to my primary care Dr. this past October for my yearly physical & labs, I asked her what her protocol would be if I were to catch covid & if she offered any early outpatient treatment- She instantly became defensive & stated that she does NOT prescribe any ivermectin as it is not “FDA approved” & offered absolutely nothing else. What??? We all know that Ivermectin is most certainly an approved human medication & Dr’s commonly prescribe many different medications for “off label” use every day – even she herself has prescribed me medications in this manner in the past – After all, this is one of the very definitions of “practicing” medicine, isn’t it? What in the world has happened to our medical professionals?? It is like they have all just lost their minds (as well as their integrity) and are all being held hostage by a new world of nonsense!

Kerry G.

Dear Dr. HAIDER and staff,
Since being referred by the group early on, you have provided such responsible Covid care. I have felt blessed during this season of misinformation working with a professional who is both professional, knowledgeable and responsive.
Personally, I have shared your good name with 9 other families with confidence.
Thank you so much for working on the front line.

Many wishes for good health.


Perfect thanks so much, you have all been great and super helpful! You are doing Gods work, its nice to know there’s some doctors that actually took and live by the Hippocratic oath, unlike so many of these brainwashed sheep. My best friends mom was forced on Rimdesiyir, even though his family requested her not to take it multiple times. Something sinister has happened, bless you for standing up against it!

Joseph N

I can’t thank Dr. Syed Hader enough for his help. Dr. Hader and his amazing staff was in contact with me in a professional and timely fashion. The experience was seamless. I would highly recommend Dr. Hader to all in need of compassionate and outstanding care.

Marie I.

My family and I all got covid-19 starting January 30th (positive test confirmed at Walgreens testing site – 2 adults, 3 children). The adults in the family followed your instructions and took Ivermectin from the first sign of illness. My husband had a bad headache for one day and a fever overnight but then seemed almost completely recovered early the next morning aside from being a little tired but carried out his protocol for the rest of the week. I had close contact as I cared for him during that headache and for the week making sure he and my children had all the right supplements/Ivermectin at the right times while they were all sick. A few days after my husband, I tested positive but was already taking Ivermectin + supplements per the FLCCC protocol. I had only a drippy nose and some sinus inflammation. I did not register a fever on a thermometer but my Oura ring (health tracker) indicated that my body temperature was elevated one degree above my baseline overnight for two nights. I didn’t feel any effects of a fever. That was the extent of my covid infection! My children took as many of the supplements from the FLCCC protocol as was appropriate for their various ages. They each had only a fever for 24 hours or less before being fully recovered. None of us has been vaccinated for covid. Our family fared quite well and we are EXTREMELY grateful for your guidance as the prospect of a covid-19 infection has given me a lot of anxiety not knowing how it would affect us. Thank you so much for your courage in offering telehealth services in order to save lives with this protocol. I have recommended your services to countless people. I will be in touch when I am ready to request a new prescription should I need it.

Emily F.

Dr. Haider was incredibly helpful to me and my husband during our recent bout with Covid. I made an appt with Dr. Haider through his Push Health app, and he provided us with so much guidance, information, prescriptions, and then always answered any follow up questions I had. He was so accessible and professional. I’ve never had such a first-class experience like that from a doctor. I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. Haider!

-Sherri O

Dr Haider very quickly called me & it was 11:30 pm!!! He spent almost 30 mins going over my symptoms & medical history. He took plenty of time to explain my treatment plan & answered all my questions. I have already shared his contact info with several other friends. I highly recommend him to my friends & family! #ExcellentCare

-Robin H

Caring provider. Gives honest, verifiable patient education and provides realistic options.

-Ameera G

Dr. Haider provided my family excellent and extremely attentive healthcare. He was patient and thorough in explaining our issues and provided data to support his healthcare recommendations. We are thankful to have access to his practice.


As a retired nurse I found Dr. Haider to be very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. In addition, he is very accessible. After speaking with him I felt very comfortable in following his protocol for prevention and treatment if needed. I also recommended him to my husband and sisters. We are all glad we did.


Dr. Haider provided us excellent and immediate medical care through telemedicine online. We live in a very remote area of the Missouri Ozarks and cannot/will not risk traveling in this region rampant with COVID-19 where most folks refuse to wear masks or socially distance.


I was very happy with the quick and thorough response! Dr Haider gave me really good advice and information. I definitely will recommend him to my family and friends. Grateful to have such easy access to medical care!

-E Lawrence

Dr Haider was so caring and responsive. Answered all of my questions and quickly forwarded the prescription I needed. I’ll be a return patient!

-Allison M

Excellent care from a Dr who is actually concerned about a patients well being. Very satisfied!

-Calvin M

From the start, Dr. Haider was quick, informative and kind. An excellent doctor in every way (and almost non-existent these days). He is wise and open-minded, responsive and organized.

-Lynn J

Dr Haider Was extremely helpful and responsive. The information he provide was just what I needed. Prescription was filled in record time.

-Chris F

Dr. Haider was wonderful. He was very thorough, patient, prompt and knowledgeable. He put me at ease and I would recommend him to anyone .

Jacki F


The COVID Doctor

Dr. Haider’s Immune Supplements

Many of our patients ask where to buy the supplements listed in Dr. Haider’s e-book and which brand he recommends. To empower you to take your health into your own hands but take the guesswork out, Dr. Haider has compiled a list of recommended products.

Prevention Protocol

Treatment Protocol

Long Haul Protocol


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