Acute COVID-19 Infection

Over the counter meds and supplements you can start right away.


Check oxygen level 4 times a day. Report if levels are dropping, especially if persistently below 95%. Below 90% should be seen in person by a doctor.

Check blood pressure and heart rate twice a day. BP below 90/50 is concerning and should be seen by a doctor.

Treatment protocol diet, vitamins/supplements and OTC meds:


For 30 days from start of symptoms: eat healthy, no junk food, alcohol, avoid refined carbs like breads, pastas, oatmeal, white rice. Once you have recovered you can add intermittent fasting to help clear viral proteins until 4-6 weeks post infection.


No exercise for 30 days from start of symptoms

Aspirin 325 mg daily for at least 14 days or until feeling back to normal.

As needed:

claritin and pepcid.

These are all with food:

*Vitamin D3 15,000 IU daily x 14 days then continue until resolved.
**Zinc 15mg 4 times a day or 50 mg once a day x 14 days continue til resolved
Niacin 100mg daily x 14 days then continue til resolved
NAC (if not prescribed) 600mg daily
Vitamin C 1,000mg twice a day
Quercetin at least 250mg/day

Melatonin (acting as an anti-inflammatory) is at bedtime 2 hours after eating:

6-10 mg per night before bed x 6 days (Take higher dose if needed for sleep).

There may be some additions to the latest FLCCC protocol for early outpatient treatment and you can find the latest protocol here:

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