You’ve got questions and we’ve got the answers.

1. How We Can Help:

How does a good doctor online save me time and money?

Time is money and we save you both by making it super easy to get medical care and lab orders (not to mention almost everything else a PCP can do) without having to take time off or go see a doc in person. You don’t have to book an appointment, drive to the doctor, or sit in a waiting room with sick people – all for 5 – 15 minutes with a provider, just to have them tell you what you already know or that they can’t help you.

We also try to help you with prevention and tips on how to correct long standing medical problems through simple yet effective lifestyle changes, different food choices and occasionally supplements designed to increase not just your lifespan but your health-span. Over the years the dividends that accrue from a really good doctor in your corner are immeasurable. 

You may already have a great doctor in the office, but they might not be so hot online or as available by text. That’s just where we come in! We can help fill in those healthcare gaps, and much of our service is free – most patients can get most concerns addressed through our no=charge asynchronous chat service. 


Is this kind of care right for everyone?

Online care is best used for “quick-care” complaints rather than real urgent issues, and definitely not emergencies. The good doctor usually responds within a few hours, but in rare cases it can be up to 24, so if your issue needs immediate attention you can certainly shoot the doctor a text, but if you need help right away don’t wait for the reply, just get going. 

And although we can step in and handle most primary care issues we can’t provide a proper physical because there is no exam. 

We can provide a lot of followup care and chronic care if you do some of the work at home, have the right equipment and are willing to get lab work done. Many chronic issues requiring 3 -monthly refills also require monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, in some cases oxygen levels, various labs, etc. All these things can be done at home and reported to the doctor. But patients that want recurring refills without providing the requisite information are better served in person. 

We also don’t take insurance, so this is not the right model of care for those who rely on insurance to pay the doctors bill (we can fill out a superbill though that you can submit to your private insurer). 


How quickly will you review my request?

Really, really fast. Most of the time that means right away and usually it means within a few hours, but we always aim to review and reply to your requests or messages within 24 hours max.

2. How Our Service Works:

How is this different from a regular doctor’s visit?

Quick, convenient, affordable, and online all the time.

You get access to your own really great board certified doctor by unlimited free chat messages, and if needed phone call or video to make a diagnosis and write prescriptions. The good doctor can order all your labs and refer you to Urgent Care, ER or specialists if needed. If you need a form filled out or a work note or prior authorization, the doc will take care of it. And you’ll get guidance on lifestyle changes, supplements and alternative medicine if appropriate and if you’re interested!

Even if you get all of that from your own doctor already, the difference is you don’t need to go anywhere or sit in a waiting room and the good doctor is available 24/7/365 if your own doctor is unavailable for something last minute.

What is asynchronous chat anyway?

Only the most awesome innovation in medicine since penicillin.

If you hate going to the doctor you’ll love this. Take a load off, lay back, relax and put your feet up. The doctor is in … your living room.

Most people find this actually works out way better than a typical doctor’s visit because you have plenty of time to think of all those things that you tend to forget when you’re sitting in the doctor’s office.

It’s kind of like messaging with someone in a different time zone. They’re slightly out of sync with you, so you may not always be able to carry on a live chat conversation. But it’s not like our docs are on the other side of the world either. They’re just busy is all. They usually reply back within a couple hours, but it could be up to 12 in some cases.

Best way to approach it is just send them all the questions you can think of, whenever they occur to you and when they get around to it they’ll send you all the answers.

Will I have a live video or phone call with a doctor?

Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on where you are (different states different rules) and what’s going on. Many of our patients won’t require one, but some states have rules that require at least one video consult or a telephone call to establish care prior to ordering any prescription medications, in which case your doctor will call you or set up a video chat. Also if the doc thinks a call or video is medically necessary then they’ll do it.

If it’s not medically or legally necessary, but you want one anyway, we can accommodate!

Is this a safe way to get care?

Our process is designed to be safe as long as you answer our questions honestly and read any important info or cautionary notes we send about your treatment plan so you know all the risks and benefits.

Who can use our service?

The good doctor is currently available in these states:

Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

You must be above the age of 18 to register as a patient. If below 18 a parent or guardian will need to sign up and add you under their account. You also need to provide a valid photo ID and selfie that are only used to verify your identity and age – although this can also be done during a video call. We can’t serve patients without identity verification as we are not just an answers service, but a medical practice. 

Why do I need to take a picture of myself and upload my ID?

State regulations and ethical guidelines require that all doctors see who they’re treating, one way or another, similar to if a patient showed up in person. In order for doctors to “see” you online without a video call patients need to take a picture of themselves. In order to be sure we are communicating with and treating the person whose name, DOB and selfie have been provided we need to check a photo ID. This protects you from identity theft and us from medical liability for providing care to the wrong person.

Is the service private and secure?

Yes. We have a legal duty to protect your personal health information and photos. All communications and storage are securely encrypted. We have also put in place a number of safeguards to prevent hacking in accordance with Federal HIPAA regulations. Our Privacy Policy details how we protect your personal information.

How can I let my own practitioner know about the care you provide?

It’s important to keep your own primary care practitioner and your consultants up to date on any medical care you receive and any medications you take. You can request your health records at any time and forward them to your practitioners or print them out and take them in to your next appointment. The standard doctors fee applies for preparing medical records. 

Can I get my prescription sent to a local pharmacy?

Yes, we can send your prescription to any pharmacy in the US and in fact anywhere in the world – as long as they have a fax number and can read or speak English! But we can’t guarantee the quality or reliability of any offshore pharmacies.

Can the doctor complete a prior authorization, return to work form or other forms?

We are not currently offering these services, including work notes, vaccine exemptions, etc.

3. How much does it cost?

What are the fees?

$0 – chat consult without a prescription.

$5 – prescription fee for adjustments to a prior prescription and new prescriptions sent within 2 weeks of a visit, for the same problem (usually after a chat follow-up).

$115 – chat consults if a prescription recommendation is accepted by you (otherwise it’s free). 

$115 – All physician phone calls and video visits regardless of whether they are close follow-ups or not and regardless of whether a prescription is written.

You are responsible for are the cost of medications at the pharmacy, the cost of any labs, imaging studies, and doctor’s fees charged by consultants we refer you to. 

If you need something unusual that isn’t covered anywhere else on our site, like consulting with your hospital doctors while you’re an inpatient, other outpatient doctors, or a virtual expert witness at trial, you’ll have to ask the good doctor if it’s possible and how much it will cost.

Who do I pay for my medicine, labs and imaging studies?

You pay the pharmacy for the medication when you go to pick it up. We are not an online pharmacy and don’t sell medicine.

You pay us directly for the Quest and Labcorp lab fees, so you do not need to pay anything at the lab. If you need to use insurance we may be able to send your orders to Lab Corp and in that case only the doctors fee is charged by us.

For imaging studies you pay the facility directly for the cost of the test(s) that we order for you. We do not charge you for the cost of the imaging studies, just for the doctors fee for ordering and reviewing the results. 

Can I use insurance?

We can complete a superbill for you to submit to a private insurance company (not medicare or medicaid) for reimbursement of out of network services, but we don’t bill your insurance company directly.

We cannot bill your insurance company for labs at Quest. You may be able to pay with insurance for labs drawn at Labcorp – double check with us and the lab first.

We don’t take insurance because insurance companies don’t pay for more than a few minutes of a doctor’s time and I want to spend more than a few minutes on your care, whether that’s through my free text chat service, or on the phone or by video.

I want to be able to spend some time discussing various options and lifestyle changes, offer some support and encouragement, create a healing and humane space – even if it’s just in a chat window, phone call or video visit.

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Will my insurance cover my medicines?

Most insurance plans do cover the cost of the medications our docs prescribe. The good doctor usually prescribes low cost generics and when prescribing a brand name the prescription usually allows the pharmacist to switch out a generic at your request, unless you specifically request a prescription for a brand name drug with no substitutions allowed.

Can I get a refund for your service or for a donation?

Labs once paid for are not refundable by us, because we transfer all fees to the lab immediately. You can request a refund from the lab, but it is not guaranteed.

Donations are not usually refundable because the funds are immediately put to use to provide expert medical care to those less fortunate.

Refunds are not generally available after a service request that requires a fee has been completed. If you still feel you’ve been charged in error or are otherwise unhappy with the service, let the good doctor know and we’ll make it right.

Everyone needs stress-free, hassle-free healthcare and a good doctor. Get yours now.

Dr. Syed Haider