Services that are not billed directly:

  1. Asynchronous text chat without a prescription.
  2. Unlimited text chat follow-up questions.

Fee for Service:

We do not accept any insurance, but can write you a superbill that may be accepted by your private insurer. 

There are no automatic refills. Each prescription requires a doctors fee that covers the availability of the chat feature (whether or not a particular patient utilizes it) and the required medical chart review, though changes to a prior paid for prescription service are only a $5 prescription transmission fee if requested within 14 days. 

The following does NOT include prior authorizations or the cost of any medications – you will need to pay for any medications prescribed separately at the pharmacy of your choice.

Prescriptions for 1 Medkit: $115
Prescriptions for 2 Medkit: $165
Prescriptions for 3 Medkit: $215
Prescriptions for 4 Medkit: $265
Fee for additional pharmacy faxes: $5
Fee for additional pharmacy faxes: $5

(1 additional pharmacy fax is required for the COVID Medkits)

If you need new prescriptions for the same problem within 14 days of your last prescription date, those can be sent for the $5 fee if handled via chat. If outside of  14 days or for an entirely new problem within 14 days, then a new service fee ($150) applies.

Can I use insurance?

We can complete a superbill for you to submit to a private insurance company (not Medicare or Medicaid) for reimbursement of out-of-network services, but we do not bill your insurance company directly.

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