I’m your very own, personal, goto doc.

I’m your goto doc for online healthcare. No bouncing between multiple docs like on other telemed sites. We get to know each other. Grow old together. It’s a match made in heaven. If only every relationship were this easy.

A to Z – I complement your PCP.

We know how slammed most PCPs are and we can fill in the gaps. Whatever you need, whether it’s just answers, acute and chronic care, refills, labs, imaging or referrals: we can handle it all for most patients. Some may need to check their blood sugars, or get a blood pressure and heart rate reading every few months at a free pharmacy kiosk (or by home monitor). Other than that we do most of the heavy lifting. You can sit back and relax, knowing you’ve got your own goto doc in your corner.

I show you how to get healthy and
get off the meds.

Do you have healthcare or is it really sick care? Whenever you get a prescription from me, I’ll give you lifestyle advice too. Many patients that follow through end up getting off their meds. And that’s my real goal: get you truly well again. What else should you expect from a doctor? Eventually I hope to set you free from pharmaceuticals, because relying on them is a poor substitute for real health. And real health is possible. I might not succeed with every patient, but it’s the mission that matters.

Have I mentioned the free visits yet?

Go ahead, chat me up. Why pay through the nose for concierge medicine? I don’t nickel and dime you either. No pay by the minute or visits by timer. And no charge if I can’t help – I’ve been there myself with the online services that waste your time and then tell you they can’t give you what you need … sorry … here’s the bill anyway. With us, if you need healthcare, it’s affordable. If you just need answers, it’s no charge.

Everyone needs stress-free, hassle-free healthcare and a good doctor. Get yours now.